The Bodiford  Law Group represents people seriously injured throughout the United States by defective tires from
    locations in Florida and California.

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Nationally Experienced BMW Airbag Attorneys

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                                                 Serving Victims of BMW Airbag failures throughout the U.S.

    If you or someone you love has been injured in a BMW accident involving an airbag, you will need very specialized legal
    representation. Our attorneys have the specific knowledge and experience required to bring cases against auto makers and auto
    parts manufacturers.

                                                  Late, Failed or Early Deployment Can Cause Serious Injuries

    Many people have heard about Takata recalling cars due to serious problems in Honda and Toyota vehicles. What most people don't
    know is that Takata provided airbags to auto manufacturers all over the world including BMW. In addition to Takata, any airbag has
    the ability to fail at some point. When this happens it is our job to hold them liable for the harm they cause. Airbags need to protect the
    vehicle occupants, not contrbute to injury or death.

    Collecting Evidence is Crucial in an Airbag Case - Do not wait, call us NOW. 800-423-0160. It is very important that we
    save the evidence which includes the vehicle and the electronic data recorder.


    Since we specialize in auto products defect cases such as airbag failure, we have built a strong methodology leveraging advanced
    investigative techniques and expert witnesses. This methodology allows us to find and present evidence of failed deployment, early
    deployment or inadequate deployment by the airbag module. And our courtroom experience and knowledge of the auto
    manufacturers enable us to effectively advocate for our clients.

    The Bodiford Law Group has handled dozens of airbag-related accident cases throughout the nation. In a number of them, death or
    serious injury occurred. We are adept at lawsuits involving defective and dangerous auto products. We work to hold companies
    accountable who have allowed auto defects to hurt and kill people. We are not intimidated by any opponent, taking on BMW, and
    many other large auto manufacturers.


       BMW 325I Wrongful Airbag Deployment
    On February 2, 2015, a 12 year old boy was the front belted passenger of the 2003 BMW 325I driven by his mother. They got into a
    fender bender when another car improperly merged into their lane, which caused the front right of the BMW and the driver’s side door
    of the other car to strike each other. This resulted in only minor damage, a “fender bender”; however, the injuries sustained weren’t
    minor at all, in fact, they were severe. During the collision, the front passenger airbag system in the BMW 325I failed to perform
    properly and upon impact, the airbag violently deployed and powerfully struck the young boy’s face with excessive force causing
    severe, traumatic and permanent injuries to his eyes and face. As a result of these injuries, the boy ended up having to have his eye
    removed. Mr. Bodiford was able to reach a settlement with BMW, providing compensation to ensure the young boy will receive proper
    medical care.

    BMW Airbag Causes Blindness - Confidential Settlement
    Our client was a passenger in a 300 series BMW when a minor collision occurred in West Palm Beach, when the driver of the BMW
    rear-ended the vehicle in front of her.  The passenger side airbag deployed with tremendous force and hit the passenger in the face.  
    As a result of the blunt force trauma, caused by the air bag, the passenger’s eye was ruptured and it had to be removed.  This loss of
    sight in one eye caused the passenger to not be able to work and to incur large medical bills.  Our client and BMW settled this claim
    at mediation for a confidential amount.