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    Common Airbag Injuries

    An Airbag Can Cause Serious Injury

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    The public depends on airbag systems to protect their lives. However,
    there are times when people are seriously injured or killed because of an

    It is our job to hold companies responsible every time an airbag ends up
    injuring people rather than protecting them. A wide range of injuries
    including serious injuries to the face, eyes, head, shoulders and torso can
    be caused by airbag defects and airbag failures.

    The most common airbag injuries include:

    Eye Injuries - Serious eye injuries can be caused by airbags including temporary and permanent blindness

    Chest Injuries - The explosive nature of an airbag deployment can crush the chest and break bones and
    cause severe soft tissue damage.

    Facial Injuries - Just like chest injuries the force can fracture facial bones and cause permanent scarring

    Degloving Injuries - This is a very painful injury where the skin is pushed back from the bone or connective

    Neck and back Injuries - The force can and does place violent pressure on the neck and back often
    requiring ongoing medical treatment.

    Burn Injuries - The process of firing an airbag often results in burns to the arms, chest and face. These burns
    can sometimes be severe and may effect eyesight as well.

    The Bodiford Law Group focuses on auto products liability cases and catastrophic injury cases, so we are uniquely
    positioned to obtain the best possible results for our clients. Our attorneys have more than 25 years of experience
    helping hundreds of families get the compensation they need after accidents due to auto defects. We work closely
    with clients and their medical care providers to ensure that full and proper medical care is given, and that we
    accurately gauge future medical costs, so that these can be provided for.

    Regardless of your type of injury (or the injuries sustained by your loved one), the knowledgeable attorneys at
    Bodiford Law Group can support your efforts to prove responsibility and enforce accountability. Our personal injury
    lawyers are seasoned and knowledgeable, and ready to take your case to trial if it becomes necessary. They won't
    settle for anything less than what you deserve. You can view a sample of our successful cases here on this site.
    We look forward to speaking with you.

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    Our personal injury attorneys are available to serve clients throughout Florida,and the entire United States,
    including product liability cases in California, Texas, Illinois, New York, Georgia, and other states.



    The Bodiford  Law Group represents people seriously injured throughout the United States by defective airbags from locations in Florida and California.

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