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    Representing Heavy Machinery Accident Victims throughout Central Florida and the United States

    Heavy machinery in industrial settings can be very dangerous. Often, basic safety measures are not taken in the
    design or the manufacture of machinery. If you or a loved on has suffered a serious injury or wrongful death from
    an industrial accident, speak to an industrial accidents lawyer immediately.

    Attorney Raymond Bodiford has helped hundreds of clients throughout Florida and the United States obtain
    millions of dollars in compensation to pay for medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and more resulting from
    industrial accidents or wrongful death. We offer free initial consultations and we will charge you no attorneys fees
    until you win a favorable jury verdict or settlement.

    Experienced Industrial Accident Lawyer

    Our lawyers have direct experience with industrial accident litigation. In many cases, the danger of the machinery
    can be reduced by either placing a guard on the machinery or warning against the danger. These simple safety
    precautions add only a few dollars to the cost of industrial machinery, but too often, companies fail to do so.

    In one case handled by Raymond Bodiford, our client’s arm was sucked into a rock crushing machine. We hired
    expert witnesses who showed that a very simple guard could have been placed over the pinch point or nip point in
    which his arm was caught. In addition, a better warning could have prevented the accident from happening. The
    parties settled for a confidential amount and our client was able to move forward with his life. (For more of our past
    cases, visit our Verdicts and Settlements page.)

    Contact our firm now or call 1-800-423-0160.

    Our personal injury attorneys are available to serve clients throughout Florida,and the entire United States,
    including California, Texas, Illinois, New York, Georgia, and other states.



    The Bodiford  Law Group represents seriuously injured people throughout Florida and the nation, including people in Orlando, Winter Park, Lakeland,
    Kissimmee Daytona Beach, Gainesville, Melbourne, Tampa, Tallahassee, Miami, Panama City, Orange County, Osceola County, Seminole County, Brevard
    County, Volusia County, Flagler County, Alachua County and people injured on 1-95, I-75, and I-4.
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