Orlando Boating, Jet Ski, or Water Skiing Accidents Attorneys

    Boats, jet skis, and other vessels can be just as dangerous as cars. Serious injuries and wrongful death are all too
    common in the waterways and off the coast of Florida. Families suffering from such accidents need a lawyer
    experienced in recovering damages from boating accidents.

    Attorney Raymond Bodiford has spent more than 25 years helping
    thousands of families recover the money they need for medical bills,
    pain and suffering, lost wages, and other expenses. He offers free
    initial consultations to people throughout Florida who are victims of
    boating accidents. If he takes your case, he will do all work on a
    contingency basis, charging no attorneys fees until recovery is made.

    Types of Boating Accidents

    Raymond Bodiford assists people who have suffered accidents on
    everything from small boats, jet skis, and water skis to cruise ships,
    navy vessels, and vessels engaged in maritime industries. Common
    causes of boat accidents include:

    Recreational accidents: Any recreational aquatic activity carries some risk. But the risk can be lessened by using
    a few basic safety measures such as using life jackets, staying a sufficient distance from the shore, and taking into
    account water depth and obstacles, etc. Any individual or company providing recreation should take such safety
    measures, or be held liable for any resulting injuries.

    Flooding and sinking: Sometimes a boat will capsize because of lack of experience by the boaters. However,
    often this is a result of boats that are not kept up to code or are defective from the outset. No matter what the
    situation, our lawyers can investigate the sinking or flooding and discover the cause.

    Explosions and fires: Fuel systems on boats must undergo regular maintenance; if they do not, explosions or
    fires can result. Even with a properly maintained system, a fire could be the result of a defective product.

    Electrocution: Vessels that are at sea during a storm run the risk of being hit by lightning and causing
    electrocution. Electrocution can also result when power lines are in the path of a launch ramp.

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