Airbag Accident Case Results

    Defective airbag blinds passenger; BMW settles

    A young man in a BMW was riding in the passenger’s seat of his 3-series BMW. The driver ran over a curb,
    causing the passenger’s air bag to go off, and strike our client in the face at full-force. As a result, he became
    blinded in one eye. Plaintiff’s legal team discovered that the large air bag was not tethered to the dash and it had
    been made in Mexico, not Germany, where the remainder of the car had been manufactured. The parties reach a
    settlement at mediation in Los Angeles, CA in the Spring of 2008.

    Defective airbag blinds passenger; Mitsubishi settles

    Mitsubishi Motors agreed to a confidential settlement for our 20- year old client, a petite college student, who lost
    her eye as a result of an airbag in her 2003 Mitsubishi Eclipse. She was seat belted and riding in the passenger’s
    seat when the car made a slight impact (15-20mph) with a pole in a parking lot. The huge airbag deployed, sending
    the sun visor directly into her face at a high rate of speed. Her injury was so severe it required a complete removal
    of her eye. Testing conducted by the Plaintiff’s experts showed that, in an airbag deployment, the sun visor in the
    2003 Mitsubishi Eclipse would be knocked completely off its holder and the propelled directly into the face of a
    passenger at a speed of 50 – 60 mph! The parties agreed to settle at a mediation held in October of 2006 in Texas.

    Airbag failure to deploy results in death of driver

    Ford paid a confidential amount to the surviving spouse of a 75 year old man, who had been properly belted in his
    2000 Ford Taurus when it was hit head on by another driver. The airbag failed to deploy and our client died as a
    result of his injuries. The crash took place in Ft. Myers, Lee County, FL. Upon inspection, Plaintiff’s experts
    discovered that Ford had failed to adequately protect the electrical wires leading to the airbag sensor. The sensor
    wires had been severed before they were able to send a signal to properly deploy the airbag, which may have
    saved his life.  

    Late deploying airbag injures client - Ford settles

    Ford tendered a confidential settlement amount to Mrs. Kinsey after her 2005 Ford Taurus was involved in a
    collision with a truck. The airbag deployed causing severe injuries including eye injuries and dental injuries to this 5’
    7”, properly belted driver. Raymond Bodiford argued that the airbag had a late deployment and should not have
    struck the client with such impact directly into her face.  

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