Auto accident leads to eye injury and UM recovery

    A Cape Canaveral man was involved in a frontal impact auto collision caused by an adverse driver. As a result he
    experienced headaches and double vision. According to his physician he sustained an injury to the optic nerve.
    The adverse carrier claimed that there was no optic nerve injury and made a minimal settlement offer. Suit was filed
    and Howard G. Butler and Raymond Bodiford settled this claim with his UM insurance following mediation.  

    Actor injured in auto accident - jury verdict of $872,249

    Actor Gregory Harrison was rear ended in an auto accident while he was stopped at a red light. Defense argued
    that Plaintiff’s long standing pre-existing cervical condition was the reason for his treatment and eventual surgery
    and that Harrison earned more money in the years following this collision. At trial, Raymond Bodiford and Howard
    Butler diffused the defense’s arguments and demonstrated the aggravation and significant loss of earnings
    capacity resulting from this collision. The jury returned a verdict of $872,249.46

    Honda settles defective auto part claim resulting in death

    Honda has agreed to a confidential settlement of a case involving a Honda Acura Integra car accident. An
    oncoming motorist operating her vehicle on the wrong side of the road at 35 mph struck the Integra in an offset
    frontal collision, causing the front structure to give way and the steering column to intrude into the survivor space.
    The steering column struck the driver of the Integra in the chest, causing a cervical fracture which caused his
    death. Plaintiff claimed that the intrusion of the steering column was excessive. Raymond Bodiford represented the

    Drunk driver rams into family; insurance company offers settlement

    A Pinellas county family was returning from a holiday event and had stopped at a traffic light in on December 26,
    2007 when they were hit from behind by an intoxicated driver. Following the at fault driver’s criminal conviction for
    felony Driving Under the Influence of alcohol, Laura Lee Shields was able to recover a confidential amount for the
    family’s neck, back, and facial injuries.

    Auto accident brain injury results in $600K recovery

    In this case, a 23 year old man suffered moderate brain damage after the van that he was a passenger in was
    struck from behind by a dump truck. The speed of the impact was less than 15 mph, but he was struck in the head
    by flying debris. Although the injured party was able to function in daily life, with some mild memory impairments, we
    obtained a settlement in the amount of $600,000.00 against the dump truck company.  

    Drivers airbag fails to deploy when the airbag sensor is knocked off in a Dodge

    At mediation, DaimlerChrysler agreed to settle a case involving a 1997 Dodge Intrepid. The airbag in the Intrepid
    failed to deploy when the vehicle was hit on the driver’s side by an at-fault driver. The impact was more of a side
    swipe but the driver’s sensor was knocked off in the collision. DaimlerChrysler, who had removed the black box,
    argued that the airbag system was damaged in a prior accident. Raymond Bodiford represented the plaintiff.  

    Ford Explorer rollover resulting in death yields large settlement

    Ford has agreed to settle a rollover case involving a 1996 Ford Explorer. The Explorer rolled over, resulting in the
    ejection of three of the four occupants. Plaintiff alleged that the Explorer should never roll over based on the
    steering inputs only. The driver, who was killed, apparently fell asleep but the vehicle rolled over completely on the
    roadway surface. The three other occupants did survive, with incapacitating injuries. Ford argues that the
    occupants were not seat belted at the time of the accident. Raymond Bodiford and Todd Copeland represented the

    We have found that not only the Ford Explorer rolls over in foreseeable emergency handling situations. Other
    SUVs do this as well! In 1995, we successfully handled an SUV rollover resulting in a multimillion dollar
    resolution/structured settlement for a 19 year old young man who was paralyzed. We continue to work on the
    Bronco II problem, which was the predecessor to the Explorer and Firestone problems

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