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    Kissimmee Daytona Beach, Gainesville, Melbourne, Tampa, Tallahassee, Miami, Panama City, Orange County, Osceola County, Seminole County, Brevard
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    Product Liability Case Results

    Defective Jaw Implant Device
    In 1997, a substantial recovery was made on behalf of our client who was the victim of a defective jaw
    implant device. The device broke apart inside her head and resulted in screws floating in her brain area.
    Suit was brought in Missouri and in Texas against the seller and designer of the implant. After opting out
    of the class action, which was going to produce a very small sum for the victim of this horrible device, the
    case settled for a confidential amount.

    Defective Grinding Wheel Causes Wrongful Death
    A father of two passed away when he was working in his body shop using a grinding wheel. The grinding
    wheel suddenly exploded, and a piece of the wheel went through his chest and punctured his heart. The
    firm, through investigation, determined that the manufacture of the grinding wheel knew for years of the
    wheels exploding when used with pistol grip air sanders but yet failed to warn the public or put any
    warning on the wheel itself that would advise the user of the dangers of its use in combination with the
    hand held grinder. A confidential settlement in that case was reached just days before the trial was to

    Industrial Machine with Proper Guard Crushes Victims Arm
    Many times industrial products are dangerous but the danger can be reduced by either placing a guard on
    the machinery or warning against the danger. These basic engineering principles came into play in a
    case where the plaintiff was represented by the firm in which his arm was sucked into a rock crushing
    machine. The firm hired expert witnesses who showed the feasibility of using a very simple guard to place
    over the pinch point or nip point in which his arm was caught. Also, it was suggested that a better warning
    could have been used which would have probably prevented the accident from happening. The parties
    settled for a confidential amount.

    Inadequate Padding in Car Design Leads to Head Injury
    Fiedler v. Ford: Ford has agreed to settle a case involving a 1994 Ford Explorer. The Explorer was struck in the left
    rear and went into a spin resulting in a side impact with a large light pole. Howard Fiedler hit his head on the B pillar
    during the collision which had a delta v of 15 mph, and he suffered a severe head injury. Plaintiff argued the pillar
    should have been padded similarly to the now existing FMVSS 201 standard. Raymond Bodiford represented the

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