Rollover and Auto Accident Case Results

    Ford Explorer Rollover results in serious injury and confidential settlement

    Ford reached a confidential settlement with a young LPN who was injured when her Ford Explorer rolled over on
    the roadway of I-95 in Palm Beach County, FL. She received extensive injuries to her body including broken ankles,
    a dislocated hip, and multiple fractures. The client was unable to return to work for several months and was unable
    to finish her studies to obtain her RN degree resulting in a loss of earning capacity and lost income and wages.  
    ire blowout caused by dealer's failure to put the correct size tires on an SUV results in the death of a local teen
    A family lost their teen age son in a SUV roll over accident. It was determined that a tire dealership sold them the
    wrong size tire for their SUV. One of the tires then had a blow out resulting in a loss of control. Experts hired by the
    firm proved that with the proper size tire the vehicle would not have rolled over. Not only are Firestone tires
    defective, we have found that other tires are capable of having tread separation and other problems as well. The
    firm is now handling several cases that have settled.

    Chevy pickup involved in accident results in head injury for driver

    General Motors has agreed to a confidential settlement of a claim involving a 1997 Chevy S-b pickup truck that
    rolled over resulting in roof crush. The Chevy truck was stopped for traffic on the interstate when another vehicle
    rear-ended it at approximately 60 mph. Upon rolling over, the header deformed in a V-shape manner, resulting in
    an impact to the driver’s head. The driver had a head injury, severe scarring, and partial loss of sight in one eye.
    The plaintiff focused on the roof crush aspect although the vehicle had stability and handling problems as well. GM
    claimed the plaintiff’s injury was caused by a tool box and drill that were loose inside the cab. Man v. GM. Raymond
    Bodiford and Howard Butler represented the plaintiff.  

    Pickup truck accident results in head trauma to properly belted driver

    In another case, client’s pick up truck rolls over after being hit by a negligent driver and the roof on the truck
    collapses resulting in a severe head injury. We have discovered that the roof structure was not designed properly
    and was not crashworthy. This case is still underway.
    Rollover with Chevy Blazer results in severe injury when the driver is ejected
    through the door after it unlatched due to defective parts

    'Pilarte v. General Motors: General Motors has agreed to settle a case involving a 1986 Chevrolet Blazer rollover
    that resulted in door latch failure. The Blazer rolled over in the grass median on the interstate and the driver was
    ejected through the door. Plaintiff alleged that the RCF-67 restraint system suffered inertial unlatching as well. The
    injury was paraplegia at lumbar level. Plaintiff was successful despite alcohol use and a positive cocaine lab report.
    Raymond Bodiford and Todd Copeland represented the plaintiffs.

    Chrysler settles defective seatbelt case after the seatbelt comes unlatched in an

    DaimlerChrysler has agreed to settle a restraint case involving a 1994 Dodge Shadow. The Shadow was struck by
    another vehicle when the plaintiff attempted to cross an intersection. As a result of the Gen III buckle inadvertently
    unlatching, plaintiff sustained serious injuries. Raymond Bodiford represented the plaintiff.  

    Ford Ranger rollover resultes in death to belted passenger

    A mother and father lost their only daughter, Cheryl, near El Centro, CA when the Ford Ranger she was a belted
    passenger in, rolled over. Her seatbelt unlatched and she was ejected through the passenger window. She expired
    at the scene of the accident as a result of the crash. The seat belt had a known defect that Ford failed to recall or
    notify the public about. The parties settled at mediation held in Costa Mesa, CA in December 2006.  

    Chevy Trailerblazer accident ejects driver causing serious injury

    General Motors paid a confidential amount to a young lady who, while a college student at the University of Florida,
    was involved in a rollover accident while driving her Chevrolet Trailblazer. Another car forced her off the Florida
    Turnpike in Orange County, FL and she was ejected from the vehicle. As a result, she received head injuries.
    Following the settlement and months of therapy, she was able to complete her college education at the University
    of Central Florida.  

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