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    If you or a loved one has been injured in an auto accident and was ejected or partially ejected through any window,
    you need very specialized legal counsel.

    Defective auto products, automotive glass injuries

    Auto glass is a very good example of how profits come before safety among auto manufacturers. It is well-
    established that laminated glass (made with a process known as "glass glazing") is much safer in a crash than is
    tempered glass.

    During an accident, people stand a much better chance of avoiding serious injuries if they are not ejected through
    a window and out of a vehicle. When laminated glass shatters in an accident, its fragments are held in place by a
    plastic layer, and nothing is allowed to go through the window. By law, all front windshields must be laminated glass.

    Tempered glass, on the other hand, will shatter completely in a crash, making an opening and allowing a person to
    be ejected. The shards of glass will also fly about, often causing lacerations and other injuries. While it is not illegal
    to have tempered glass in side and back windows (and moonroofs / sunroofs), it is unnecessarily dangerous. But
    many auto companies still use tempered glass because it is cheaper.

    The Bodiford Law Group focuses on auto product liability cases and catastrophic injury cases, so we are uniquely
    positioned to obtain the best possible results for our clients. We understand auto glass defect cases, how to
    interpret evidence from the accident and how to best present the case. Here are a few examples of analyzing and
    utilizing this evidence:

    Ejection from a fixed window: A fixed window (i.e., a window that does not roll up and down) can easily be changed
    from tempered to laminated glass. When people are ejected from a fixed window, it is clear that their injuries would
    have been much less severe if the manufacturer had spared the small expense of installing a laminated window.

    Lack of damage to the window frame: If the crash did not result in any damage to the window frame or in any other
    part of the car hitting the window, and the window still shatters, it is especially clear that the window itself is to
    blame. Again, laminated glass would have remained intact.

    Date of manufacture: Manufacturers begin using laminated glass in the 1970s and 1980s. Any company making
    cars since then cannot use the excuse that no one else was using glass glazing. And the more recently the vehicle
    was manufactured, the less justification they have for using tempered glass, since laminated glass is becoming
    much more prevalent in the industry.

    SUV accidents: In SUVs, which are very susceptible to rollover, it is especially important to utilize laminated glass.
    However, a large majority of SUV manufacturers still use tempered glass.

    Seat belt use: If a person is wearing a seat belt and is still partially ejected during a crash, it is evident that the
    window is at fault. The National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration and Ford Company have demonstrated
    that laminated glass can prevent any ejection for seat-belted occupants.

    The attorneys at the Bodiford Law Group have 25-plus years experience holding companies responsible for the
    injuries caused by their defective and dangerous products.

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