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    Serving victims of defective child safety seats:

    If your child or a child of a family member has been injured in a car
    accident and was using a safety seat, you will need very specialized
    legal guidance.

    Child safety seat injuries

    We trust child safety seats to keep our children safe in case of a crash.
    However, too often, the seat or vehicle is defective, putting our children
    at risk of being injured more than if they'd been without any child seat at all.

    Common child safety seat failures

    Of all the cases handled by our lawyers that involve dangerous and defective products, child safety seat failure
    cases are often the most tragic. Unfortunately, many vehicles are not properly equipped to handle child safety
    seats. However defective design or manufacture of child safety seats usually carries much of the blame.

    Defects in the design and / or manufacture of child safety seats can pertain to buckles, harnesses, shell design, or
    padding within the seat. When any of these aspects fail during a collision, a child can be ejected from the seat and
    suffer serious injury.

    A simple safety strap can greatly decrease the chance of injury because of child safety seat failure. The safety
    straps, or tethers, are features of some seat belts, and connect the top of the safety seat to the vehicle's rear
    panel. These tethers have been available for more than 30 years, but are still not required features of seat belts.

    Our attorneys have more than 25 years of experience helping hundreds of families get the compensation they
    need after accidents due to auto product defects, including defective child seats. We work closely with clients and
    their medical care providers to ensure that full and proper medical care is given, and that we accurately gauge
    future medical costs, so that these can be provided for.

    Regardless of the type of injuries sustained, the knowledgeable attorneys at Bodiford Law Group can support your
    efforts to prove responsibility and enforce accountability. Our personal injury lawyers are seasoned and
    knowledgeable, and ready to take your case to trial if it becomes necessary. They won't settle for anything less
    than what you deserve.

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