The Bodiford Law Group is a personal injury law firm focused on representing clients who are seriously injured in
    auto accidents, truck accidents or suffer a wrongful death, especially those accidents where an automotive product
    defect was involved.

    Many Personal Injury attorneys are generalists, and focus on helping their clients regardless of how they were
    injured. While many of these generalists are great attorneys and serve their clients well, they typically don't have
    great depth of knowledge in any one particular area of personal injury law.

    Because of our highly focused practice, our firm has several advantages over a general practice law firm
    representing your claim:

  1. We are extremely knowledgeable about auto accidents, and the telltale signs of auto defects cases (we know
    what to look for). This includes auto product liability cases involving tire defects, SUV rollovers, safety belt,
    airbag and seat back failures.
  2. We have resolved many cases with various auto manufacturers. As such, we have established a reputation
    with these companies, which can have strong influence in getting your case resolved successfully.
  3. We are experienced at bringing these cases to court and knowledgeable in the special steps for case
  4. We are up-to-date in the latest news, legislation, technology and strategies as they relate to auto products
    liability and defective automotive products.
  5. Our network of experts is battle-tested and ready to supply their advanced abilities to resolve clients' cases in
    the best manner possible.
  6. We've built a history of achievement for catastrophic injury and auto product clients in these areas. View
    some of our past successes.

    If you or a family member has been injured, it pays to call the Bodiford Law Group, even if you have already
    been told by a lawyer that you don't have a case! We provide a FREE, no obligation consultation. We built
    our website to inform you about our firm and provide helpful information on auto accident cases - specifically
    those with product liability as a factor, and involving serious injury or even a wrongful death.

    Located in Orlando Florida, the firm represents the injured throughout the United States. Bodiford Law Group's
    specialized personal injury attorneys, dedicated to motor vehicle accidents, catastrophic injuries and defective
    products, are here to protect the safety and rights of victims of catastrophic personal injuries and auto products
    liability. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to call us. We can advise you on the best approach for your

    Contact our firm now FOR A FREE CONSULTATION or call 1-800-423-0160.

    Our offices are located in Orlando, Florida, but we handle cases nationwide. Please contact us TODAY for a FREE
    consultation. Habla Espanol y queremos ayudar ahora. Llame hoy.

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    Negligent Security system at bank results in teller wrongful death, serious injuries
    Television Actor rear ended by a commercial van-cervical injury-aggravation of pre-existing condition

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