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    Property owners owe a duty of care to people using or invited on to their property. These owners may owe a duty
    to keep the premises reasonably safe (from gang activity, crime, or other dangerous situations) and they may be
    held liable when they breach this duty by not making the property reasonable safe, and someone is hurt or killed
    as a result. Some examples include warehouses targeted by gangs, swimming pools not properly fenced from
    children, yards with vicious dogs, apartment complexes with no security measures, and construction sites not
    properly enclosed.

    Raymond Bodiford currently serves as Chairperson for the American Association of Justice Inadequate Security
    Litigation Group for the entire United States.

    Victims of Crimes Have Rights

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    Learn more about our significant negligent security case results.

    Negligent security system at bank results in teller death, serious injuries -
    Verdict of $26,917,053 in damages

    A Mount Dora bank teller was killed and another was shot in the spine and rendered quadriplegic after an armed
    robbery. The robber had spent time casing the bank and observed the surveillance equipment within reach to
    customers at the bank......learn more

    Security Guard shot by gang members receives compensation for future medical
    expenses - $7.75 million settlement

    A security guard patrolled a warehouse area without carrying a weapon in a high crime neighborhood. One night,
    gang members came onto the property through any number of holes in the fencing and shot the guard in the
    spinal cord, presumably because they knew that he was unarmed.....learn more.

    Taxi cab rape reaches settlement agreement

    Taxi Company based in Orlando, FL reached a settlement agreement at mediation in March of 2007 with Sylvana
    Sandri who was brutally raped and sexually battered while working as a Taxi Cab Driver in 2004. Raymond
    Bodiford argued that Mrs. Sandri’s taxi cab should have been equipped with safety devices, which can be found
    commonplace in other cities across the U.S. Mr. Bodiford argued that providing a safety partition between the
    driver and back seat passenger, a Panic Button accessible to the driver, or a taxi camera (mandated in cities like
    Las Vegas) may have deterred the criminal and prevented the incident. Mrs. Sandri’s was interviewed for CNN and
    featured in a related story about taxi safety.



    The Bodiford  Law Group represents seriuously injured people throughout Florida and the nation, including people in Orlando, Winter Park, Lakeland,
    Kissimmee Daytona Beach, Gainesville, Melbourne, Tampa, Tallahassee, Miami, Panama City, Orange County, Osceola County, Seminole County, Brevard
    County, Volusia County, Flagler County, Alachua County and people injured on I-95, I-75, and I-4.

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