Central Florida Truck Accident Lawyer

    Drivers of tractor-trailers and the transportation companies that
    employ them have a duty to operate and maintain their vehicles
    in a responsible and safe manner. Thousands of people are
    killed or injured severely each year as a result of semi truck
    accidents. Unsafe driving, oversized loads, insufficient rest
    periods, and other irresponsible practices put the motoring
    public in danger.

    An Experienced Attorney Is Vital

    Out of all types of motor vehicle accident cases, semi truck accident cases, in particular, pose special challenges
    for a lawyer. In Florida, collisions between semi trucks and other motorists usually occur because the truck driver
    was fatigued and / or pushed to meet unrealistic and unsafe schedules. Any lawyer handling a tractor trailer crash
    case should have experience with these issues and know how to prove that irresponsible or unsafe practices

    Bodiford Law Group, is very experienced in handling litigation involving tractor trailer truck accidents. Our lawyers
    have spent over 25 years helping thousands of clients, and have achieved many multi-million dollar recoveries. We
    are committed to helping families obtain full compensation for medical bills, pain and suffering, lost wages, and
    other expenses arising from wrongful death, paralysis, amputations, head and brain injuries, neck and back
    injuries, severe burns, and more. Raymond Bodiford works with your best interests in mind and helps his clients
    move forward with their lives.

    If your loved one has suffered a serious injury or even a fatality in an 18 wheeler accident, Attorney Raymond
    Bodiford will meet with you free of charge. All semi-truck accident cases are done on a contingency basis, meaning
    that you pay no attorneys fees until a settlement or verdict is reached in your favor.

    To set up a free initial consultation with truck accident lawyer, Raymond Bodiford, please contact us by phone at
    (800) 423-0160 toll-free.

    From our law offices in Orlando, Florida, our truck accident lawyers help clients throughout Central Florida. Our
    larger cases, involving auto and trcuk defect litigation, also takes us across the country to other states, including
    California, Texas, Illinois, New York, and Georgia.



    The Bodiford  Law Group represents seriuously injured people throughout Florida and the nation, including people in Orlando, Winter Park, Lakeland,
    Kissimmee Daytona Beach, Gainesville, Melbourne, Tampa, Tallahassee, Miami, Panama City, Orange County, Osceola County, Seminole County, Brevard
    County, Volusia County, Flagler County, Alachua County and people injured on I-95, I-75, and I-4.
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