Tire Defects and Tire Blowout Attorneys

    Serving victims of defective tires, tire blowouts:

    If you or someone you love has been injured in an auto
    accident involving a tire blowout / defective tire, you
    will need very specialized legal representation.

    Defective tires and blowouts

    Many people have heard about Firestone recalling tires due
    to blowout problems on Ford Explorers, causing the SUV to
    roll over. While Firestone tires got much publicity, many other
    tire brands, including Continental, Dunlop, General, Goodyear
    and Michelin also have suffered from tread separation and other problems. In addition, other SUV
    models also roll over much too easily in emergency handling situations - in part due to defective tires and
    sometimes wheel failure.

    Often, tire manufacturers will claim that tire maintenance is a contributing factor of tire-related failures,
    and the majority of drivers do not regularly check their tires for proper pressure. With this said, tire failure
    can and often does reflect poor design or construction rather than consumer neglect, and we have the
    experience and litigation skill to develop and present your liability claim against the manufacturer while
    refuting the common defense claims of contributory or comparative negligence on the part of the driver

    Since we specialize in auto products defect cases such as tire failure, we have built a strong
    methodology leveraging advanced investigative techniques and expert witnesses. This methodology
    allows us to find and present evidence of belt separation, tread separation or inadequate adhesion
    between the metal and rubber components of the tire. And our courtroom experience and knowledge of
    the auto manufacturers enable us to effectively advocate for our clients.

    The Bodiford Law Group has handled dozens of tire-related accident cases. In a number of them,
    various SUVs and minivans rolled over, and death or serious injury occurred. We are adept at lawsuits
    involving defective and dangerous auto products. We work to hold companies accountable who have
    allowed auto defects to hurt and kill people. We are not intimidated by any opponent, taking on Ford,
    DaimlerChrysler, and many other large auto manufacturers.

    Our lawyers have spent more than 25 years helping thousands of clients, and have achieved many multi-
    million-dollar recoveries. We are committed to helping families obtain full compensation for medical bills,
    pain and suffering, lost wages, and other expenses arising from auto accident injuries. We work closely
    with the medical community to ensure that the injured receive proper care, and that our experts
    accurately predict medical needs for the future, so that compensation is adequate to cover those needs

    Regardless of your type of injury (or the injuries sustained by your loved one), the knowledgeable
    attorneys at Bodiford Law Group can support your efforts to prove responsibility and enforce
    accountability. Our personal injury lawyers are seasoned and knowledgeable, and ready to take your
    case to trial if it becomes necessary. They won't settle for anything less than what you deserve. You can
    view a sample of our successful cases here on this site. We look forward to speaking with you.

    Our personal injury attorneys are available to serve clients throughout Florida, and the entire United
    States, including California, Texas, Illinois, New York, Georgia, and other states.


    The Bodiford  Law Group represents seriously injured people throughout Florida and the nation.
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