If you or a loved one was injured or killed in a car or truck accident,
    and you believe an automotive parts failure was the cause, please
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    Time is of the Essence Our legal system limits the amount of time
    after an accident to bring a claim. It is important that you contact an
    experienced attorney quickly after any accident.

    Seat belts should be your first line of defense against injury in most
    motor vehicle accidents. Seat-belts are designed to keep you safe
    and secure inside the vehicle at all times, particularly during an
    accident, but this isn't always the case. Sometimes during a high
    impact accident, seat belts can unlatch and allow a passenger to be
    tossed about the inside of the vehicle without any protection, or
    potentially ejected from the car or truck. When a seatbelt fails in a
    serious accident the injuries are often life altering which include brain and spinal cord injuries, paralysis and many
    instances death. These type serious injuries will nearly always have long term consequences both emotionally and
    financially. It is important to seek legal help from a law firm with experience pursuing claims against some of the
    worlds’ largest automobile companies.

    Experience Pursuing Justice against Auto Manufacturers

    At the Bodiford Law Group we have earned a national reputation for taking on the largest car manufacturer and
    parts suppliers involving defective auto parts. We work with nationally recognized automotive design experts,
    engineers, and restraint system experts, we identify what led to a seatbelt or seat back failure, why it occurred, and
    how it was related to the injuries suffered by your or your family member.

    Seatbelt Failure - We Hold the Manufacturer Liable

    No one can deny that seatbelts have saved thousands of lives. The upside of modern seatbelt laws is that more
    people are reaping the safety benefits of properly designed and functioning equipment. Another consequence of
    increased seatbelt use is that more seatbelt design flaws are becoming exposed.

    Most Common Design Defects and Failures:

  • Seat belt buckles unintentionally unlatch during a collision
  • Shoulder belts that allow too much slack (window shade seatbelt design)
  • Shoulder belt retractors that fail to hold under load,
  • Automatic or door mounted seatbelts that kill and injure when the door opens during a crash
  • Shoulder-only belt strangulations and neck injuries
  • Dangerous lap-only backseat belts

    What Can Happen When a Seat Belt Fails:

  • Vehicle Occupants can be ejected from the Vehicle
  • Occupants can be thrown into the windshield, dash, door, roof or even other passengers
  • Tossed around the inside of the car if the vehicle rolls over, possibly colliding with the roof, windows or other parts
    of the car

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    not intimidated by any opponent, taking on Ford, GM, Chrysler, Nissan, BMW and many other large auto

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