Bodiford Law Group Recent Settlements and Verdicts

    The Bodiford Law Group have successfully represented injury victims throughout the United States including
    Florida, Nevada, Ohio, Tennessee and California in cases ranging from defective tire accidents to slip and fall
    cases at major Orlando theme parks. The firm has continued to work on a number of cases in the area of products
    liability in both auto and non-auto situations.


    2016 Case Results
      Toyota Sequoia Rollover Accident Results in Paralysis
    Four members of a family were traveling on a major California interstate when the driver lost control due to a         
    defective Electronic Stability Control system or ESC, which is specifically designed to prevent rollover accidents.  
    The Bodiford Law Group represented all members of the family. Their injuries ranged from a crushed hand to
    paralysis. Defective ESC cases are extremely difficult to prove but at mediation Mr. Bodiford was able to obtain a
    significant confidential settlement for all members of the family including funds to insure the paralyzed victims
    medical requirements will be taken care of for life.  

    Michelin Tire De-treads Causing Severe Neck Injury
    Our client was at work driving a tow truck in Northeast Florida when the tire on his vehicle de-treaded at high speed
    causing a serious accident. The driver was seriously injured and had to undergo a anterior cervical fusion surgery
    where they had to fuse part of his spine by entering through his neck . Our client has been unable to return to work
    since the accident.  Mr. Bodiford reached a confidential settlement with the tire manufacturer for his injury, lost
    work, as well as his pain and suffering.

     2015 Case Results

      2003 BMW 325I Wrongful Airbag Deployment
    On February 2, 2015, a 12 year old boy was the front belted passenger of
    the 2003 BMW 325I driven by his mother. They got into a fender bender
    when another car improperly merged into their lane, which caused the front
    right of the BMW and the driver’s side door of the other car to strike each
    other. This resulted in only minor damage, a “fender bender”; however, the
    injuries sustained weren’t minor at all, in fact, they were severe. During the
    collision, the front passenger airbag system in the BMW 325I failed to perform
    properly and upon impact, the airbag violently deployed and powerfully struck
    the young boy’s face with excessive force causing severe, traumatic and
    permanent injuries to his eyes and face. As a result of these injuries, the boy
    ended up having to have his eye removed. Mr. Bodiford was able to reach a
    settlement with BMW, providing compensation to ensure the young boy will
    receive proper medical treatment.

    2008 Honda Accord Seatbelt and Airbag failure
    Our client was the passenger in a 2008 Honda Accord that was being driven by
    her son when they got into a head on collision with another vehicle. Our client
    was properly belted at the time of this collision. Nevertheless, the seatbelt
    completely failed to restrain her nor did the airbag deploy, leaving our client
    completely unprotected in this accident. These failures caused her to violently
    hit the dashboard and A pillar of the car frame. As a result, our client was
    severely injured in multiple areas of her body and had to undergo several
    correcting surgeries. The parties reached a settlement with Honda.

    Ford Expedition / Cooper Tire Tread Separation
    On December 5, 2010, our client was an occupant in a 1999 Ford Expedition XLT. Suddenly and without warning,
    the tread of one of their tires, Cooper Tire’s Futura tire, separated, detached and violently flew off the vehicle. As
    a direct result of the tire tread separation, our client sustained incapacitating injuries which ultimately lead to her
    death. The defective condition of the tire was unreasonably dangerous, unfit and unsafe for its intended uses and
    purposes, and therefore led to the unfortunate damages, injuries and death to our client. Mr. Bodiford reached a
    settlement with Cooper Tire which will provide compensation for the children and husband our client left behind.

    Chevy Trailblazer Wrongful Death from Rollover
    On July 25, 2011, three occupants (two of which were children under the age of 13) of a 2005 Chevrolet Trailblazer
    were catastrophically injured when the vehicle rolled over 2 ½ times, until finally coming to a rest on its roof.

    The vehicle was designed, manufactured and assembled without basic corrective actions, and its structure and
    design resulted in a vehicle with an unreasonably dangerous propensity to oversteer and rollover.  This accident
    involved roadway re-entry, which is one of the accident scenarios ESC systems are specifically designed to prevent.

    Despite evidence that all three of the referenced passengers were wearing their seat belts, both the youngest
    passenger and driver were ejected and sustained multiple blunt force injuries from which they died, and the other
    passenger was airlifted to the hospital, where it was determined they had sustained life changing, catastrophic
    injuries. Mr. Bodiford reached a settlement with General Motors to help with the financial needs of the children the
    driver left behind.

    Chinese Tire Tread Separation - Serious Injury
    On June 25, 2010our client was operating a 2002 Ford Van on I-75
    when suddenly and without warning, the left rear tire failed and the
    tread separated, causing the vehicle to be uncontrollable and overturn
    several times. Our client suffered a rotator cuff injury, which led to
    surgery and him being unable to return to work as a carpenter. During
    the litigation of this case, Mr. Bodiford found these Chinese defective
    tires to be at fault for hundreds of accidents across the country. The
    materials used in these tires in China are substandard and unreasonably
    dangerous. These brand new defective tires from China had just been
    bought by  our client weeks before the accident. Mr. Bodiford reached
    a settlement to help our client with his medical bills and lost wages.

    2014 Results

    BMW Airbag Causes Blindness - Confidential Settlement
    Our client was a passenger in a 300 series BMW when a minor collision occurred in West Palm Beach, when the
    driver of the BMW rear-ended the vehicle in front of her.  The passenger side airbag deployed with tremendous
    force and hit the passenger in the face.  As a result of the blunt force trauma, caused by the air bag, the passenger’
    s eye was ruptured and it had to be removed.  This loss of sight in one eye caused the passenger to not be able to
    work and to incur large medical bills.  Our client and BMW settled this claim at mediation for a confidential amount.  

    Airbag in Mitsubishi Eclipse Causes Serious Facial Damage
    Our client was a passenger in a 2000 Mitsubishi Eclipse in Tennessee,when the driver rear-ended the car in front
    of him resulting in minor damage to the front of the car.  Despite that, the passenger side air bag deployed
    forcefully knocking the sun visor off of its holder and into the face of our client, causing horrible injuries to her face,
    nose and mouth.  Several teeth were knocked out and she suffered a broken palate.  In the future she is going to
    need root canals on several other teeth.  The parties reached a confidential settlement.  This case was very similar
    to one the Mr. Bodiford did in 2013 when another young lady was injured when her passenger side air bag in her
    2003 Eclipse deployed knocking the visor into her face.  The parties reached a confidential settlement in that case
    as well.

    Isuzu Rodeo Roof Crush - Confidential Settlement
    Mr. Bodiford represented a 40 year old man who was a passenger in a 1997 Isuzu Rodeo which rolled over and as
    a result the roof crushed therefore causing spinal cord damage rendering the passenger a quadriplegic.  The Isuzu
    Rodeo has had a long history of problems with its roof structure due to the fact that it is made out of inadequate
    materials.  The parties reached a confidential settlement amount which will insure that the client has payments
    every month for the rest of his life to take care of his medical bills and living expenses as he will not be able to
    return to work.

    Wrongful Death from Buick Lucerne Airbag Failure
    An elderly gentleman was driving his 2006 Buick Lucerne on I-95 in Daytona Beach, Florida when a truck forced
    him off the road and into the guardrail at high speed.  Despite the fact, the air bag in the Buick Lucerne failed to
    deploy resulting in the driver hitting his head on the steering wheel which resulted in a sub dermal hematoma that
    caused his death the next day.  A lawsuit was filed against General Motors stating that had the airbag deployed the
    driver would not have died as the airbag would have protected his head.  The parties reached a confidential
    settlement agreement providing compensation to his wife who had a very close, long term, loving relationship with
    the gentleman who died.

    Spinal Cord Damage Resulting from Tire Tread Separation
    A gentleman who was driving a Ford Explorer on the Pennsylvania Turnpike near Philadelphia when the Goodyear
    tire on the vehicle suffered a tread separation resulting in the rollover of the Ford Explorer.  As a result of this the
    driver, who was represented by Mr. Bodiford, had a major surgery called an anterior cervical fusion, whereby the
    surgeon makes an incision in the front of the neck to repair spinal cord damage on the back of the neck.  

    SUV Rollover on I-95  - Confidential Settlement Reached
    The family was traveling from New York to Florida in their General Motors 2005 Trail Blazer, SUV when the driver
    made a sudden steering maneuver.  The SUV rolled over on the pavement resulting in the death of the driver.  He
    left six children who now did not have his support or services.  The accident happened on I-95 in South Carolina.  A
    confidential settlement was reached at mediation that provided for his children, two of whom were minors.  

    2013 Results

    Industrial Accident- Man killed by pig feeding machine
    We represented the family of an employee at a farm in Idaho who was killed while cleaning a pig feeding machine.
    A hose got entangled in the spinning blades of the machine, dragging him in. We argued that there should have
    been a guard to prevent him from falling into the machine. There was also no automatic shutoff when the top was
    open and no warning about the dangers of operating the machine. Attorney Raymond Bodiford sued the
    manufacturer, Big Dutchman AG, in Federal Court in Pocatello, Idaho. We reached a confidential settlement.

    2008 Buick Lucerne- Driver killed when airbag failed to deploy
    We represented the family of a man who was driving North on Interstate 95 when he was cut off by a semi-truck. His
    2008 Buick Lucerne then hit the guardrail but the airbag failed to deploy. We found that the force of the accident
    was well above the threshold required to deploy the airbag, yet the airbag did not activate to protect the victim, who
    later died at Florida Hospital in Daytona Beach. His fatal injuries included a subdural-hematoma. Attorney Ray
    Bodiford filed a wrongful death claim against General Motors and we reached a confidential settlement.

    Defective product- Man electrocuted while using poorly designed fruit picker
    A man was fatally electrocuted while picking avocados in his backyard in Orlando. He was using a fruit picker made
    of aluminum, a strong conductor of electricity, which formed a circuit with hidden overhead power lines running
    through the avocado tree. Attorney Raymond Bodiford sued the manufacturer of the fruit picker on behalf of the
    victim’s family, arguing that an object designed to go high up into trees should never have been made of metal in
    light of the common electrocution hazard posed by power lines.

    Our expert electrical engineer performed testing which showed that the victim would still be alive had his fruit picker
    been made of non-conductive fiberglass or wood. The manufacturer covered the tool in an orange nylon polymer
    coating – magnifying the hazard by making it appear and feel to be made of something other than metal. Also, the
    fruit picker’s only warning about the danger of electrocution was written in fine print literally too small to read on the
    back of a piece of cardboard stuck into the basket. An expert industrial design psychologist was prepared to testify
    at trial that this warning was negligent and failed commonly accepted industry standards.

    We also filed suit against the power company for failing to maintain the area around the obscured power lines. We
    settled with the power company, and later settled with the manufacturer right before trial for a confidential amount.  

    Rollover- Isuzu Rodeo accident leads to devastating quadriplegic paralysis
    We represented a man who was severely injured after his Isuzu Rodeo rolled off the road in Rockingham County,
    Virginia. The vehicle was struck in the back by another vehicle causing it to spin and roll over three times. Our
    client was belted in the passenger seat when the rollover occurred and he suffered devastating injuries resulting in
    C5-C6 level paralysis. After filing suit in Virginia we reached a confidential settlement.

    2003 Mitsubishi Eclipse Air Bag Accident –
    Unwarranted air bag deployment and Air Bag/Sun visor interaction
    We obtained a confidential settlement for our client, a beautiful young woman whose life changed forever on
    October 14, 2010. Our client was a passenger in her own car, a Mitsubishi Eclipse when a minor collision occurred
    with another vehicle in Clark County, Nevada. The accident was estimated at 5-10 miles per hour. Despite the low
    speed the airbags deployed. The air bag slammed against the sun visor striking  our client and causing her serious
    injuries. According to the manual the air bag should only deploy at speeds above 15 miles per hour. Clearly, this
    design requirement was not met.

    1998 Toyota Tacoma – Runaway Car could not be stopped!
    We obtained a confidential settlement for the family of our client after the 1998 Toyota Tacoma suddenly and
    unexpectedly failed to stop. Our clients were driving on their vehicle in Las Vegas when suddenly they experienced
    a mechanical problem and Tacoma could not be stopped when the brakes were applied.   As a result of the
    malfunction Our client told his wife to jump out of the vehicle and then he exited the vehicle fearing for their safety.
    This sudden and unexpected malfunction of the defective vehicle was the reason for our clients traumatic injuries
    that caused his death a short time later.

    2005 Toyota Camry – Negligence of Driver caused passenger serious injuries
    We obtained a confidential settlement for our client. The facts show that at approximately 4:15 P.M. on October 06,
    2012, our client, our client was a passenger in a 2005 Toyota Camry. The driver was traveling eastbound on Old
    Dixie Highway in Apopka, Florida, approaching the intersection of Vick Road. The Toyota Camry then veered off
    the roadway onto the right grass shoulder striking a wooden utility pole, with the right passenger side of the vehicle,
    continued forward through 75 feet of chain linked fencing, and finally hitting a large tree where the car came to a
    stop. As a result of this accident and the forces during the impact, our client suffered a right patella fracture,
    patellar tendon laxity, and chest pain.

    Michelin Tire Detreads causing driver serious injuries
    We obtained a confidential settlement for our client. He was
    driving his employer’s 1999 Chevy pickup, traveling on Highway 429
    southbound after completing a landscape job for his employer, Meister
    Grounds Maintenance.  He was traveling at the posted speed limit of 65
    mph when suddenly the left rear tire de-treaded/failed to maintain tread
    and separated causing him to lose control of the truck.  Michelin’s tire
    was defectively designed and manufactured. He suffered a lumbar
    vertebrae fracture and spent months in rehab.

    Our client was traveling at the posted speed limit when suddenly the left
    rear tire de-treaded and separated causing him to lose control of the truck. This tire detread caused the vehicle to
    go off road and overturn rolling onto the passenger side resulting in serious injuries to our client. These injuries
    included a catastrophic spinal injury and back surgery. Mr. Bodiford attained a settlement for our client to help with
    medical bills.



    The Bodiford  Law Group represents seriously injured people throughout Florida and the nation.
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